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IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera, Plug USB Charger, 128GB SD Card Support(not included), 2 Mode Recording, Nanny cam

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera, Plug USB Charger, 128GB SD Card Support(not included), 2 Mode Recording, Nanny cam

1. Is it a WiFi Hidden Camera? / Can I view live video on mobile phone No, it is not, camera can only record on SD Card, IFITech offers WiFi app based hidden camera models, please check
2. Red Light on the camera is always glowing? Camera requires SD card to record, till it is inserted, Red Light will keep glowing
3. There is no light glowing; is the camera working/recording? Once the SD card is inserted, red light will glow 3 times and stops, this means camera is recording
4. Inserted 64/128 GB SD card still red light is glowing?64 GB/128 GB SD card require formatting this can be done with a software 'GUI Format', call support if you need assistance for the same
5. No Recordings on the SD card even after powering on? a. Please check the SD card is inserted properly b. Inserted Used SD cards - please format SD card before inserting c. 64 & 128 GB SD cards require formatting, please call support number for assistance
6. Camera stopped recording after one month? a. When camera is removed from power, wait for 2-3 seconds before removing SD card, if not SD card can get corrupted, Please format again b. If the SD card is inserted into mobile phone/laptop directly to view the videos, they might change SD card; just format the SD card c. Format SD card and try it or Call support in case you need further assistance
7. Does Camera has Battery Back up? No, Camera doesn't have any in-built battery
8. Can I use power-bank? Yes, Camera connected to power-bank can be used to power the camera with the USB wire given
9. Can I charge phone with this camera adapter? Yes you can

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IFITech Smart Hidden Camera

1080 P HD Video
Motion Based - Recording
Loop Recording - Continuous Recording
128 GB Micro SD Support (Not Included)
Mobile Charging Function

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Easy Use & Local Recording

Use without any complicated set up, just plug it into the power socket & start recording on SD card. Simply inserts a micro SD card, support up to 128 GB (not included), Make sure to format micro SD Card to FAT32 file format before inserting.
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Two Recording Mode

  • Loop Record [L] : Automatic seamless video recording in loop to use the storage efficiently, When the SD card is full, the earlier videos will be over written
  • Motion Detection [M]: When camera detects motion , it will automatically start recording, In this way lot space of the SD card is saved.
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Phone Charger

Charge cell phone or other USB electronic devices while camera is recording.
Hang a charging cable to USB port, to give right disguise to the camera

Many Application Areas

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One Camera Many Uses

Camera so easy to use that just plug to power and record on the SD card
Take care of your family and loved one.


The camera looks like a small one phone charger adopter, Of course, you can use it as a normal charging adopter. No matter where you plug it, no one can notice it is a camera. You can use it as a hidden home security camera Or hide it to catch fun picture
*Video Format: AVI 
*Video Code: M-JPEG 
*Resolution: 1920*1080P 
*Proportion: 16:9 
*Motion Detection: Yes 
*Lasting record: Yes 
*Battery: NO
*Import Voltage: DC-5V
Storage Support: Max up to 128GB (not included)
Support System: Windows/Mac Os/Linux
Package Includes
1 x IFITech Charger Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual 

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