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How to create automatic internal links in blogger blogs or website post on page SEO 2019

How to create automatic internal links in blogger websites blogs post on page SEO 2019. 

What is Internal Linking?

Internal - When we want to connect one of our own posts to our own second post, they will be called internal linking because we do not connect any other website or blog here.

Links - The way to add two blog posts for which you add a post URL to another blog post or share it is called Links.

Why do I insert internal links?

Internal Links On Page is kept under SEO because you do this work on your website, so if you want to make Perfect On-Page SEO on your blog, then you must use internal links so that you have some benefits:-
  • Views Increase in your old article.
  • Readers also get information about your other related articles.
  • By putting internal links, the search engine gives importance to your post.
  • You can clear your topic very well by putting internal links in one post.

Download internal linking free CSS script:-  CLICK HERE
Download internal linking free HTML script:- CLICK HERE

How to do it?

  • Download CSS and HTML file from the above link
  • open CSS file as text editor or notepad and copy the entire code
  • pate the code in to Theme>Edit Html search </head> pate the code above the tag

  • Open HTML file as text editor and copy entire code and paste it after the tag <data:post.body/>
  • Save the theme and refresh your post the links will be added automatically
  • After doing this you don't need to add links manually , links will added automatically.


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